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Types of Poker

Thanks to movies like Rounders and the World Series of Poker for the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em, a game that is increasingly becoming popular over the past decade. So when someone’s asking if you’re playing poker, he probably means this game.

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But this variety isn’t all you need to know about this game, which is made even more exciting and popular with the wide range of game varieties that players can choose from and play.

In the following, we’ve outlined a list of poker games, but we’re not claiming that they’re all to select from, and then we’ve compiled general guidelines and set of rules for the most popular poker games around.

Different Poker Games:

Texas Hold’em

The game is a fast-rising poker game that is chosen by many players. There is no doubt on that, as it is an exciting game that comes with many varieties, yet each variety isn’t hard to learn and lay.  If you’d ask poker players around the world, they would probably say that this poker variant is their favorite – because it is also one of the most strategic to play of all the variants there are. In the game, the players will each have two pocket cards each on the deal that’s followed by a betting round.

There will be three community cards that are exposed, which is called the flop followed by another betting round. After exposure of a fourth community card, there will be a final betting round following a fifth community card.  The player with the best five-card hand out of the total of seven cards, which are the two pocket cards and the five community cards, will win, if more than one player remains after the four betting rounds.

Omaha Hold’em Poker

It uses the standard 52-card deck, just like other poker forms. But instead of two cards, every player will start with four hole cards, as well as the game gives players many chances of winning with its varying combination possibilities. The player’s who’s seated left of the dealer will place a small blind, and then the following playing (clockwise) will place a big blind. Every player starting with the small blind will have to deal four cards, which are facing down. [ The four cards are the hole cards and two of these cards will be added to the 5 community cards, which are going to be dealt will be used to make your best hand.

After, a betting round will take place starting with the player left of the big blind once all the players received the hole cards.  This particular player, and then every player following him, must raise, call or fold until all the raises have been called. The top card on the deck is eliminated or “burned” and faced down on the table once the first round of betting is finished. The three cards are dealt facing up to the table.

Another round of betting will take place starting with the first player in the game left of the button or dealer. And then a 2nd card is eliminated and the turn is dealt. Remember that the turn is the 4th card that is dealt faced up the table. Another round of betting will start. And when it is completed, another card will be dealt and the final and 5th community card will be dealt to the table. [The river is the fifth card to the table.]

Once it is dealt, the last round of betting will begin and the players will show their hands assuming that the bets are called. Using three of the community cards and two of the hole card, each player will form their best five-card hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This is a five-card type of poker in which the game is played with five cards. The goal of the Caribbean Stud Poker is to make a combination that is higher than that of the dealer and win the pot. The amount of the winning depends on the size of the bet and the seniority of the combination. There are classic poker hand combinations in Caribbean poker.

According to the rules of the game of Caribbean poker, before the cards are dealt, a player places a bet called an “ante”, the amount of the bet depends on the table, it can range from 1 to 100 chips, and maybe more. This is followed by the dealing of five cards to each – the dealer and the participant. The dealer, completing the distribution of cards, each player and the dealer will then receive five cards, face down. The dealer will turn over one of his cards, after which the players may look at their cards. Next, the player should make a decision on how to proceed, depending on how strong their cards are, players have the option to either play or fold. Any player choosing to play places their raise, an additional wager which should be equal to twice the amount of the “ante”. If the player stops playing, “Folds” he loses the “ante”, but if you continue, the cards are revealed, and if the dealer does not have any combinations of cards, the player takes the winnings in the amount of the bet, regardless of the quality of his hand. If the dealer has a combination, the participants’ hands are compared to determine the winner. The best combination wins, and if they match, the win is given to the deal with the highest cards.

Crazy Pineapple

You might be interested on it due to its awesome name.  But if you don’t know yet, it is a favorite poker variant for a reason – it has an exciting betting action. The game is just like the Texas Hold’em that is a community card game starting with three cards, not two, improving your chances of making several hands, which are betting at each other. Players who are tired of playing Texas Hold’em play this card game, and they made a great choice because it is a thrilling game, wherein all the players are dealt with three cards to begin, and then a betting round takes place and is completed in the dark.  The players will have to discard one of the hole cards to keep on betting after a flop of three cards.  There are also turn and river cards with a betting round after each.  For most players, the game is played with betting limits in the common version of Crazy Pineapple.

Seven-card Stud

It was the more popular poker game than Texas Hold’em before the boom of latter in the early part of the 21st century.   The players will be dealt with two cards facing down and one facing down at the start of each hand. The betting will then begin with the one that has the lowest face-up card value. After each card is dealt, there will be a betting round, with the 4th, 5th and 6th cards dealt facing up and the 7th facing down.  Just like Texas Hold’em, the objective of the game is to have the best five-card hand. The only difference is that there is no community cards dealt here.  Aside from the seven-card stud, there are also the 5-card and 6-card versions, but they’re not played as often as the seven-card stud.


If you’re looking for a twist, then you might be interested trying this game, which is a combination of poker variants. Thus, it might be for you if you want to try as many poker games in one thrilling game you play.  The Horse is considered and played as a round of each of its components. “The game starts with the Fixed Limit Hold’em, and then it rotates through the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi or Low, Seven Card Stud Low (Razz), High Only (Seven Card Stud),  and the Seven-Card Stud Hi or Lo.”

The game will go back to the Fixed Limit Hold’em once the 7-card stud hi/lo is completed. A player can say what component is dealt by checking on the table itself. When changing from Omaha hi/lo to razz, you will notice that the “button is frozen.” And in this manner, nobody will pay extra blinds or skip blinds when the game returns to Hold’em following the seven card stud hi/lo. All the games included in the Horse poker are played using fixed limit, so there is no “no limit” or “pot limit” games here. Thus, the limits remain in the rotation.


This game is a variation of draw poker. However, it differs to five-card draw because every player will be dealt only with four cards, and then the lowest hand will win.   In a hand of the game, there are commonly three betting rounds. You must avoid having at least a card coming from the same suit or having a pair. Remember that the best hand is A-2-3-4 of 4 different suits, and aces are low in the game. By having at least a card of the same value or the same suit, then it will be discarded, leaving you with a 3-card hand.

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Chinese poker

It is considered the king of the Casino City office game and is a popular variation among the pros.  Sometimes the stakes can be up to $1000 a point. The game is popular among the busted pros in many big tournaments. It is also played late night in many hotel rooms. In the game, each player will be dealt with 13 cards facing down, and then the player should organize the cards into 3 hands – 1) one 3-card hand 2) two 5-card hands.Chinese poker

One of the five-card hands, the top hand, must be your strongest hand, which should then be followed in strength by your middle hand, which is the second 5-card hand that are pitted versus other top hands, and the same thing is done in the following hands. You will win a point for every hand you’ll win + bonus point if you would win the best of three match-up for a total of 4 points. The betting stakes are done per point. For example, the max possible win per hand will be $20 if you’re playing $5 a point.

Which of These Poker Games Do You Want to Try?

If you’re ready to play poker online, feel free selecting from our featured casino sites that offer the best poker experience to players who are interested in playing this exciting game from home or anywhere.  Now if you need more help about a poker game, let us know and we’ll do the best we can to provide you with helpful insights and advice. Finally, practice in free games and then later play real money poker today!