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Danger Hands in Poker

What you will learn:

  • What are danger hands in poker?
  • The best way to avoid them

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Winning in Poker is based on making the Right decision since it is a game of situations, people, and position. But before you are declared a winner, you must learn the danger hands and how to avoid them.

Danger hands are basically the cards you are forbidden to play, but do because they are appealing and very profitable with huge winning potential. Without following any particular order, here is a list of commonly misplayed hands to look out.


The good old pocket aces. ‘American Airlines’ may appear to be more enticing like a flight to the Bahamas, but watch out-this hand will not only cost you your Italian Watch but the suite as well. The value of this pocket aces will appear to be huge at first, but it drops after a while due to the changes that may happen to the flop.

The flop, however, can give a player 2 pairs or three-of-a-kind or it may present a straight or flush draw for a turn or river to complete.

Contrary, the bets under No Limit or Pot Limit games are small at the beginning but escalate rapidly thereafter. This explains why other players often get the ‘Implied Odds’.  They need to call pre-flop and make a better hand or draw.

Hence, the aces need to be played strongly early to deny the opponents the implied odds.


The ‘Hooks’ as they are known, can reel you into losing a fortune and they are regarded as the most difficult hands to play in poker games.

If you raise with them and they are summoned, there are chances that the flop will contain 1 or higher cards. But if it doesn’t, there is always a danger of Aces, Kings, and Queens.

However, if someone raises you, there are high chances that they either hold bigger pairs or overcards like AK or AQ. Thus, you are either a small favorite or an underdog.

This is the situation you will always struggle to avoid in poker games.


It is common for small pairs to be overplayed in limit games or by gamers who ignore the Cardinal Rule of No Limit. This hand is played early in big bet tournaments where money is not a big issue. Nonetheless, once you get to the flop, stick to the rule of ‘No Set, no bet.’


In spite of some players and commentators’ predictions, this hand will always sound like weak aces. If you raise and then re-raised, you must fold and if you get to the flop to see an Ace, you may experience ‘kicker trouble.’

In short, this is one of the main danger hands in poker but you can give it a short if you have mustered the strategies and other basic rules.

Remember, a hand with a hole is worse than no hand (with no hand you lose no money).

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Face cards always have a false impression with their appealing appearance but they can land you in trouble and leave you suffering. Even though they are high cards, they are constantly losing to any aces pre-flops.

They can also be in a tight spot in case the ace’s kicker ‘duplicates’ any of them like K.Q vs A.Q. They are always defensive and moderate hands if you want to play in a hurry and they are payable in late position or when suited.


Suited connectors like 9s8s or 6d7d can be very rewarding especially when they are carefully and cheaply played. The reason is simple. No one will ever suspect a straight on a flop of 67T or an enormous draw on one of Ad5s6d.

Nevertheless, you must be careful because they suffer from a slim possibility of putting you in a complete lock against a higher straight or flush and guaranteeing you total loss of your cards.

This danger is commonly experienced either very early in big tournaments or during deep money games with the odds always in your favor unless otherwise.

You will also be in a struggle to avoid making the lower flush while playing this hand. Also, you must remember the other hand s you are headed into if you want to play with straight draws.