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We all love to receive free stuff, and a no deposit bonus is how an online casino does so. However, it is important to remember that nothing is ever absolutely free and there is always a cost attached to it. That is why you need to find out more about what a no deposit bonus is and all the costs that come with it. 

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What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

From the name, you can already tell that we’re referring to a kind of bonus one is supposed to receive. The online casino space is incredibly competitive, so companies will try to entice potential customers to sign up and start playing. They do this by offering different kinds of bonuses designed to keep you engaged and excited. 

This particular kind of bonus is the one you receive as a welcome gift just by signing up with an online casino. You receive such a bonus without having to make a cash deposit, and you’re supposed to use it to play some of the games offered by the platform. It’s usually a lot less than other kinds of bonuses, but it’s free anyway so why not.

Keep in mind, though, that this is not free money that you’re simply going to withdraw and move on. In most cases, the no deposit bonus has to be used to play several games first before you can withdraw it. Some companies will even require a cash deposit before you can use any of the bonus, but we shall discuss more about this in the Terms and Conditions section below. 

No Deposit Bonus

What It Means When You Get a No Deposit Bonus

Before you can play any games offered by an online casino, you will have to create an account. After the process is complete and you have verified your identity, the casino will offer a bonus as a welcome gift. As mentioned before, this bonus is usually small and can vary between $10 and $100. Nevertheless, free money is great even if it’s a little amount. 

The goal behind the no deposit bonus is to give you a chance to try different games offered by the online casino. Once you’re happy with what’s on the table, then you can make a cash deposit into your account. Think of this bonus as the bait online casinos use to reel in new clients. 

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

The term ‘no deposit bonus’ is a general term describing all the free perks you get from a casino without a cash deposit requirement. That being said, a casino can offer these bonuses in several different ways depending on the games provided on the platform. Some of these bonuses may be:

Free Cash No Deposit Bonus

By far the most enticing and exciting bonus is the chance to get free cash from an online casino. For instance, you could get $20 free when you sign up, which can be used to play any game on the platform. 

You can use this free cash anyhow you want with no restriction, but you won’t be able to withdraw it straight away. To withdraw the money, you must meet some wagering requirements that we shall discuss later. 

Freeplay Bonus

When you first sign up to a casino, the company may allow you to play some games within a period of time. For instance, a company could give you credits to play table or slot games for 1 hour from the time you sign up. In this case, the company simply wants you to try their games immediately before you consider another option. 

Free Spins

Unlike the cash bonus, free spins only allow you to play slot games before you make a deposit. Most platforms will have multiple slot games that you can play, so this kind of bonus can be quite interesting. Furthermore, it’s possible to win big at a slots game, even before you risk any of your money.

It is also important to note that free spins are often more common than free cash bonuses for obvious reasons. 

Bonus Free Spins

Should You Accept a No Deposit Bonus?

Would you turn down free money, even if it was just a dollar? We certainly hope not. Any type of no deposit bonus gives you a chance to make some money right off the bat when you sign up with a new casino. What’s more, you won’t be risking any of your money because it’s all free. It couldn’t get better than that. 

In addition, such a bonus gives you an opportunity to try some of the features and games offered by a casino. The only way to know how good one platform is compared to another is by actually trying out the games rather than reading what’s on the website. This would be your opportunity to do so and identify the best casino for you. 

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Terms and Conditions for No Deposit Bonuses

Inasmuch as we advise you to take a no deposit bonus whenever you find it, you must also be aware of the fineprint. This is where the casino will indicate the terms and conditions for the bonus – how to use it and how to redeem your winnings. You didn’t think you just got free money, did you?

Wagering Requirements

One of the most common conditions to redeem your winnings earned from using a no deposit bonus is a wager requirement. Most casinos will expect you to make a certain number of wagers on the platform before you can withdraw your winnings. That is meant to keep you playing for longer and, sadly, give you more chances to lose. 

Cash Deposit Condition

Another common condition, but this one more sinister, is to require you to make a deposit before you can withdraw the winnings earned from the bonus. Now, the companies don’t come out and say this, but you could find a condition such as, ‘$50 minimum withdrawal’. Therefore, if you had received a $20 no deposit bonus, you would most likely have to deposit some money. 

Each company will have different terms toward how you can access and redeem the no deposit bonus. So, you have to read the fineprint to know exactly what’s involved and required. There should be a page dedicated to stating all terms and conditions, but if there isn’t one, check the footer of the website. 

How Do You Get a No Deposit Bonus?

The only way to claim your no deposit bonus is to fulfil the conditions required and meet the terms. For example, if an online casino needs you to place at least 10 bets, there is no shortcut but to make those 10 bets. Once the condition is met, the system should automatically transfer the bonus into your account wallet, from where you can withdraw the earnings. 

Alternatively, if you feel that you have met all conditions but still can’t access the bonus, you should talk to a customer service representative. The best online casinos should have live chat for quick and easy communication. But you are free to use any other means of communication allowed by the company including email and phone calls. 

What to Do Once You Get a No Deposit Bonus

Just because you got something for free should not be an excuse to be reckless. In fact, you should try to be very careful about how you make bets to improve our chances of winning. 

The first thing you want to avoid is using the entire bonus on a single bet. Most games have low odds of winning, so unless you’re very lucky, you may just throw away the bet in a second. Instead, make multiple small bets to increase your winning chances. 

You may also want to try some gambling strategies that have been proven to work. There are many different strategies used by professionals to raise their winning chances. Read up on these and try the ones with the best success rate. If done correctly, you could win some money without having to use a single cent from your wallet. 


No deposit bonuses are clearly great at setting someone up for success. But with the wrong mentality, it may end up being a waste of time and opportunity. And finally, one should always read between the lines to find where the casino’s hook is when it offers you free money.


The amount offered as a no deposit bonus will vary between companies, so there is no standard amount. However, the amount should be between $10 and $50.

All online casinos only give a no deposit bonus to new players so that they can experience what is offered by the company.

A free cash no deposit bonus can be used on all games, while free spins can only be used on slot games. There may also be other kinds of bonuses specific to other games.

Free play games are offered over a specific period, such as within an hour, but no deposit games can be played at any time.

Absolutely! There’s no reason to turn down a no deposit bonus, but be careful about the terms and conditions attached.

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