Progressive Jackpot

Here we come introducing progressive jackpot that is a kind of jackpot Of Gambling grand prize or payout, which increases each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won. When progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot for the next play is reset to a predetermined value, and resumes increasing under the same rule. Many slot machines and video poker machines feature a progressive jackpot. The jackpot increases by a small predetermined amount each time the game is played. Often multiple machines are pooled or linked together to form a larger progressive jackpot which grows more quickly because more non-winning plays can be counted toward it. Many lotteries feature progressive jackpot. After each drawing in which the jackpot is not won, a large amount of money is “carried forward” to the jackpot for next drawing. Progressive jackpots are amounts offered as the top payouts for particular casino games that continue climbing until a player wins. They are available on a wide range of games, but the most common ones are tied to slot machines.

What is Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is, quite simply, a jackpot that progresses. In other words, a progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is not limited to a specific amount but, instead, grows bigger every time someone plays the game, and it keeps growing and growing until some lucky player does whatever is necessary to hit the jackpot. Then, while the lucky winner is collecting his cash, the jackpot resets and immediately starts progressing again.

Objective of the Game – In each of the 14 Jackpot games available at Casino, a Progressive Jackpot is waiting to be won. The Jackpot continues to increase in size until triggered by a player hitting the winning jackpot combination in the relevant game. The amount can vary from a few thousand pounds to millions!

Jackpot online with real money

How to play – Players can enjoy 3 types of jackpot games like progressive slots where progressive jackpots are connected to slot machines to make most astonishing and rewarding games in our online casino, second one is progressive video poker games where one can win a prize pool connected to the game. One has to build jackpot triggering poker hand and not only will you win a massive payout for the great hand but also the progressive jackpot, and third one is progressive table games  that includes online Roulette and online Blackjack games- plus poker ride and cyber-stud poker. In each game, one has to make a fixed side bet for your chance to win the jackpot. A specific result in each game will win you the Jackpot – in Roulette Royale, you win if a number lands on 5 consecutive spins, in Triple Sevens Blackjack, you need to receive 3 Diamond 7s in your hand and in Poker Ride and Cyber-stud Poker, and you’re looking for that Royal Flush to land on the table in front of you. If it does then the progressive jackpot is all yours!

Are there progressive Jackpots online and off?

Players will get the opportunity to experience; progressive jackpot games both online and at land based casinos. More people come to play huge progressive jackpots that help to get players in the door or in the virtual door. So as long as progressive jackpots continue helping the casino make money you will continue to find them at all different kinds of casinos.