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Progressive Jackpot Slots – Full Guide for Filipino Players

Slots is one of the most popular choices players at online casinos in the Philippines make. And for good reason – playing slots is easy and can generate quite the profit. Especially with some strategy, you could win some real cash. But if you’re after an even bigger win – progressive jackpot slots are the answer. As the name suggests, these slot variations have a cumulative jackpot prize which is significantly larger. Hence why, according to some, progressive slots are the holy grail of slot machines. 

Because you can win millions from a single spin, more and more Filipino players go for this option nowadays. In fact, this game has among the highest payouts. However, much like with any other casino game, knowing the rules is key. In order to become a better player, our guide has everything you need to know in one place. So stick around to learn how to play like a pro.

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What Is a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

All slots feature a prize, which is referred to as the jackpot. However, casinos will usually classify slot games as either classic or ‘jackpot’. Classic slots have a specific prize that doesn’t ever change. In other words, the prize is always the same. 

The latter category refers to progressive jackpot slots. Those are different because the jackpot size increases over time. So every time a player makes a bet and loses, a portion of that bet goes towards the jackpot. In the end, one lucky player will get to win the total amount.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Guide

How The Game Works

A progressive jackpot looks and functions just like any other slot game. Similarly, the goal of the game is also to hit a specific combination of characters. However, the combination is often more difficult in this case. In other words, the only difference is in how the jackpot forms.

Because of the difficulty of getting the winning combination, a progressive jackpot never starts at zero. So from then on players will make bets and, of course, some will lose. A small percentage of the lost bet amount then goes towards accruing the ever-growing jackpot size. Sometimes, especially if it is a popular game, a progressive jackpot slot can have an enormous prize. Once someone wins the jackpot, the amount will simply reset and start growing again.

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Winning Progressive Jackpot Slots

Generally, slots in all their forms are mostly about luck. However, there are a few factors that determine when the jackpot falls. Knowing and understanding those helps making smarter bets and ultimately winning.

Stake Size

Most progressive jackpot slots have a minimum wager requirement if you want a shot at the jackpot. For instance, Megabucks has a $3 minimum. While you can still bet using less than that amount, such bets will not be eligible for the jackpot. 

But to accommodate all players, casinos will offer different jackpots with varying minimum bets. In the case of Mega Moolah, for example, there are 4 categories with different jackpot sizes. The largest is the Mega Jackpot which can make you a millionaire. Then there are also the major, minor and mini jackpots, too. The mini jackpot is usually less than $100 but it requires a much smaller bet as well.

Winning Combinations

Generally, a very specific and usually unlikely combination of symbols will determine the winner. In order to ensure that the jackpot grows, casinos rely on the complexity of that combination. However, some casinos have a different system that involves tickets. These tickets you can earn through regular play. Essentially, the more spins you make, the more tickets you get. Therefore, the more chances you have of winning the jackpot. So in this case casinos reward regular players and encourage more bets.

Jackpot Presentation

With some games the jackpot is always in play. Usually, that is when a very specific combination of symbols unlocks the jackpot prize. But in this case you stand a chance to win with every spin you make. However, it’s more common for the jackpot game to be triggered as a bonus game. In order to trigger the bonus round, you will have to make several spins. Additionally, raising the bet amount increases your chances of triggering the jackpot game.


All slot games nowadays use random number generators. RNGs ensure that all players have an equal winning chance, regardless of when they started playing. Hence you should not assume that a jackpot is likely to be won simply because it hasn’t been claimed for months or even years. 

However, some games are programmed to pay out after a specific period. They are referred to as must-drop jackpots. Because of that it is common to find the jackpot rising exponentially as the deadline approaches since more players participate.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Tips

What Are the Odds?

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting a huge payout it’s rather difficult to win. In fact, the winning odds at progressive slots are as low as those of a lottery. For instance, one of the most popular progressive slots, Mega Moolah, has winning odds of 50 to 1. Moreover, progressive games also have a predetermined return to player (RTP). That dictates how much of the jackpot is reserved for the casino. So a game with a 95% RTP is better than one with 90% because the potential winnings are higher. 

Therefore it should be no surprise that the house edge on these games is very high. The house edge refers to the casino’s advantage over players. It also determines how often one might win. You can work that out from the RTP indication that the casinos provide. For example, if the RTP is 96% then the house edge is 4%. So basically, you will have to be very lucky to win at these games. On the other hand, you could win 6-figure sums or even tens of millions from a single spin that may be worth just 25 cents.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Games

There are 3 main types of progressive slots based on the number of machines involved. 

  • Stand-alone jackpots are common in land-based casinos and involve a single machine. All player bets are added to the total jackpot of that very machine.
  • In-house jackpots involve multiple machines, but they are all within the same casino and are connected to each other. Because more people will play, the payout for these games can be quite high.
  • Wide area jackpots come from one developer. The provider manages the game and distributes it to different casinos. Sometimes this wide area spans different casinos and even countries. Of course, in this case there are even more punters and therefore the payout is huge.
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Pro Tips for Progressive Jackpot Slots

While the odds of winning may be small, it doesn’t hurt to implement a strategy. Here are some tips to help you do that: 

  • Choose stand-alone jackpots: Yes, wins from these machines are always lower. But the winning odds are higher and you are more likely to win.
  • Play as a team: When playing wide-area and in-house jackpots, find a team to work with. This will increase the winning odds of the team. Of course, then you will have to share the jackpot. However, keep in mind that some physical casinos discourage team play. 
  • Place the maximum stake: You are usually free to stake any amount you want, except in games with a specific minimum. but to win you will always be better off if you play the maximum bet.  
  • Identify slots with higher hit frequency: Hit frequency determines how often a machine pays out. Hence the higher it is, the better. 
  • Stick to a budget: It’s easy to get lost into the game and bet more money than you were planning to. So, always have a budget in mind and be careful not to go over it.


Given the huge potential rewards from progressive jackpot slots, we think it’s a game worth trying. Now that you have learned more about the gameplay, you should be ready for an adventure. In order to get familiar with the slots, play a few games using free spins and other casino offers. Then give progressive slots a try with real money. Of course, you will need to find a gaming destination first. If you don’t have one already, our casino reviews will help you pick the best one for your needs.


The number of wins is determined by the hit frequency programmed into the random number generator (RNG). Online casinos will likely indicate the hit frequency of their progressive slots, but in physical casinos this information is not available.

The current highest jackpot on progressive slots is offered by Mega Moolah, created by Microgaming. Other popular progressive jackpots are Jackpot Giant, Hall of Gods and Beach Life.

The only way to win at any slot game is to keep playing. Progressive jackpots are no different.

Yes, you can, as with any other game you can enjoy your favorite progressive jackpot games on your mobile, some of them can be played directly from the website or have a special mobile app, 

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