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Blacklisted Casinos in the Philippines

There are hundreds of online casinos in the Philippines and new ones are launching all the time. However, not all casinos are created equal and some aren’t worth your time. We call those blacklisted casinos and there are many reasons why you should stay away from them. For example, such a casino may never give out money or even compromise your data safety.

Sometimes players find it difficult differentiating legit from rogue casinos, because they may look similar on the surface. But with this guide, you will learn all about how to recognize which is what and why some casinos end up on the blacklist in the first place.

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Why Casinos Get Blacklisted?

There are numerous reasons that can land a casino on the blacklist. All of them are fundamental issues that render the service subpar and no player should ever experience any of them. Here are some of the possible outcomes of signing up to a blacklisted casino:

Blacklisted Casinos Don’t Pay

There are some online casinos that will never pay you, no matter what. Of course, there are genuine reasons why a casino may refuse to pay you. However, blacklisted ones use these reasons only as an excuse to con customers. For example, they may accuse you of breaking some rules which may or may not be in the terms and conditions.

Unfair Games

All casino games should have a random number generator (RNG) software that guarantees unbiased outcomes. Furthermore, legitimate casinos frequently have the RNG audited by a third party. However, many rogue ones will alter the software to deliver non-random results and thereby rip off unsuspecting players. Alternatively, some operators alter the free games to deliver winning combinations more often and lure players to play for real money.

Delayed Payments

Even though there is no clear-cut industry-standard, casinos are supposed to strive to process withdrawals as quickly as possible. Of course, the withdrawal time will vary from one payment system to another and is usually between 1 and 7 business days. So if a casino holds your money for longer, it’s definitely a red flag.

Misleading Bonus Headlines

There are online casinos that use misleading advertisements to lure new customers. You may come across an online casino with a bonus that just seems too good to be true. More often than not – that’s exactly the case. An honest casino will likely offer a much smaller but reasonable reward.

Unprofessional Customer Support

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with unhelpful staff. Some online casinos will take several days before they respond to your questions. Others don’t provide enough information to help you reach the support team at all. That is definitely a red flag and such platforms always end up blacklisted.

Changing Terms and Conditions

You signed up for one thing and then all of a sudden the terms and conditions changed without notice. Unfortunately, this is very common at rogue casinos and if it happens once – don’t wait, just run away. This is a trick they often use when they are in dispute with a customer over delayed payments or unfair games.

Blacklisted Casinos in the Philippines

Casino Bonus Fraud

There’s a lot of competition in the gambling industry and to stay on top, some online casinos will do whatever it takes. One of the ways to attract more customers is to advertise huge casino bonuses without any intention of paying. Most commonly, this kind of false advertising concerns deposit bonuses. First, they get you to deposit into your account and then make it impossible to withdraw. That is bonus fraud and is one of the major reasons why some platforms end up on the blacklist. 

Unfortunately, the signs are not always that obvious. Of course, if the bonus amount seems excessive then most likely it isn’t real. But sometimes online casinos will advertise one set of terms and conditions and then change them without notice. Usually, this type of bonus fraud has to do with the wagering requirements. They could get much higher than originally out of nowhere, which will instantly make you ineligible to cash out. But it’s not only operators who commit bonus fraud, some players commit this offense by creating multiple accounts or ignoring the restrictions.

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How to Spot Blacklisted Casinos

Spotting a rogue casino in the midst of hundreds on the market can be challenging but there are a few things you should always look for before you sign up:

Background Research

The first step should always be a Google search about the casino you are considering. Research the casino itself, its reputation, read reviews, and check if it is on a blacklist or not. Needless to say, you should not trust everything that’s online and take things with a grain of salt.  Sometimes review sites may promote rogue casinos as legit, so check your sources, too.

Blacklisted Casinos & Licenses

Every legit online casino must have a license from a recognized authority. Normally, this information is displayed at the bottom of the homepage. However, some shady operators will list a fake license, so make sure you check with the authority’s database first. Some of the most trustworthy licensing bodies include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Software Developers at Blacklisted Casinos

There are lots of software companies that supply online casinos in the Philippines with their products. A good provider uses the latest technology to create fun games with truly unbiased results. But if the casino has games from unknown or bogus developers, you should avoid it at all costs.

Contact the Support Team

Try to get in touch with the customer support team to know how efficient it is. Legit online casinos offer amazing customer support in multiple languages around the clock. On the other hand, blacklisted casinos take long to answer, are unhelpful, or never respond to your questions or complaints.


The internet is packed with online casinos that promise heaven to customers but not all of them are worth it. Signing up to a blacklisted casino puts in jeopardy not only your personal data but your potential profits, too. So, we recommend that you always spend some time researching the platform you consider first. With our guide, now you know exactly what you should be looking for. Alternatively, you can check out our casino reviews and find the right match for you in no time. We only recommend the best of the best on the market.
Be aware of casinos scam!


Some operators alter the RNG software to give biased results so that you can't win, while others just refuse to pay.

Yes. Rogue casinos have real money games but playing and even winning is no guarantee that you can receive the cash.

Even if a rogue casino gets shut down, it’s bound to appear again with a different name. Blacklisting them helps warn other players to stay away.

Not only do you risk being unable to withdraw your account balance but your personal information is also at risk. We recommend you don’t deposit any more cash and delete your account altogether.

Of course. If the blacklisted casino operator fixes the problems that got them on the list in the first place, the casino can be taken off the list.

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