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Online Baccarat

One of the most talked about and played games at the casinos, no doubt, is baccarat. It is a game chosen by high rollers in particular due to its exciting nature. These rollers are seeking thrill and the game provides them with just that.

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[Did you know? Baccarat is also a game played by some of the world’s best poker players. An example is Phil Ivey, who has won more than $10 million in London, UK casino. But his playing session became a talk of the town and it made controversy at that because the casino refused paying his winnings.]

Just like blackjack, the game is a card-comparing game although baccarat isn’t featuring a skill element in any roll.  The game is appealing because players don’t need a strategy in unlike in most games that require a strategy for a low house edge.

In the game of baccarat, players will get a low house edge regardless. The only decision you need to make are how much to bet and which among the hands you want to place a bet on – the player hand or the banker hand, although you can also bet on the Tie – which is considered the worst bet of all because of its extremely high edge.

How baccarat works

The game works in a simple manner – and two hands are dealt in the game in which the higher hand will win.   Thus, the only decision you make is to bet on the winning hand.

One of the hands is called the banker, while the other is the player. You can place a bet on either hand. But if you’re new to the game, remember that the “Banker” hand doesn’t have anything to do with the house, while the “Player” hand doesn’t also have anything to do with you, the player.   

In this case, you might just want to call them as “hand 1” and “hand 2.”  And in the game, there is only a single player hand dealt, regardless of the number of players at the table are, and it is because the player hand isn’t really one of the player’s hand.  

So summing this point up, the player hand is only a choice you make at the table, although you can also bet on the Tie – or that there will be a tie between the player and the banker. The only problem is that the bet carries a 14.4% house edge.

In an online baccarat game, you’re playing through clicking on the allotted button or on the designated area of the online baccarat table.  

So basically, you can choose from three types of bets, each with its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to learn of the pros and cons of betting on a particular type of bet, as doing so will help you become a successful player who is acting on knowledge and using a strategy.

After placing a bet, the player and the banker will each receive two cards, but then the player might draw a third card later. But unlike a blackjack player that has a free will, a baccarat player has none because his decision is strictly made according to the baccarat rules. One of which rules states that if the total of the player’s two cards is five (5) or less, then the player must hit, or if the total is more than five, the player will stand.

Worry not, though, as you don’t have to memorize the rule if you’re playing online. The computer program will be the one to deal a third card automatically if the rules are calling for it. Additionally, the player may only hit once, which is why the max number of cards in a hand of baccarat is three (3).

Card value

  • Numbers 2-9 = face value (2=2, 3=3…)
  • Face cards = 0
  • Aces = 1

Aside from these things to know about the cards’ value, another interesting part is the actual hand valuation. For new players, it might be confusing to understand how the highest hand value can be nine (9) possibly if a single card is worth that.

A trick:  The hand value in the game is calculated simply – all just through taking the rightmost number in the total sum. For example, 9+9 = 18, which means the actual value of the hand is “8.”

Remember that the Ace cards’ value is a “1,” numbers between 2 and 9 are each worth their face value and face cards, meaning the Jack, Queen and King, are “0.”  In the game, the highest possible hand value is a nine (9) – that can make you a winner, except if another player holds the same hand.

Now if the total sum of the cards dealt is more than 10, then it will then be subtracted so that you can get a single number. So let’s say that you have a hand of seven and eight, your hand’s worth is “5,” which is the rightmost number of the sum of 15.  The 10 and King (10+0) is zero. So in the beginning the hand valuation may be tricky that’s why we recommend that you train in the free baccarat games featured in some online casinos to find on our website.

In this way, you will be able to decide properly when you’re already playing in the real money modes in one of our featured and best online casinos. But then, you don’t have to worry no matter what – especially in terms of calculating the hand value because the baccarat software will do it for you.

Why play free baccarat casino games online

First, you can play risk-free! You don’t need to worry about spending a single dime in playing while familiarizing yourself with the rules and the game itself. In fact, you can try as many of the free baccarat game variants you want in one of our featured casinos.

You also have the luxury to play from the privacy of your home without dressing up and traveling to the casinos.  And of course, you have the chance of playing anytime you want provided you’re connected on the internet – and with complete anonymity, comfort and privacy that you’ll surely appreciate.

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Summing Up

Learning of these basics about baccarat is essential to increase your chances in winning the game and play on knowledge. Also, you might want considering playing free baccarat first to understand its rules, gameplay and odds better. Finally, you can start playing in real money rounds in which you can make real profit and achieve the most pleasant gaming experience, especially by selecting from one of our featured online casinos today!