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No casino game is complete without the slots game.  It is the most widely played casino game found both online and in brick & mortar casinos. Slots are easy and require no playing skill at all. You just need the luck to win this game. Now just because there is no skill required in the game, doesn’t mean you can’t win big.

Play Slots Online

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Slot games offer some of the biggest prizes ever. Progressive slots are extremely popular for that reason, they have huge jackpots. The other types of slot games that you can play online include Bonus slot games. These slots offer you great bonus games that help you win big prizes. The classic 3 reel slots are a hot favorite among many Slot games have exciting themes and unique features like, free spins and slot bonus rounds, and of course great prizes which are why they are such popular games. There are many different types and hundreds of variations of slots so it’s a good idea to try a few out before settling on a specific game.

How to Play?

The age old game of slots, even online, is very simple and easy. You just need to deposit money from your account into the virtual machine, select your desired denomination and number of coins optionally and then press the SPIN button.

A Classic Slot Machine

Slots machines online

The slots have three spinning reels with 22 different symbols on each reel. Each time a spin is made, the three reels stop randomly with symbols showing in the game window. Certain combinations of symbols in the game window result in payoffs according to the table displayed at the top of each slot machine.

Video Slot Machines

Video slots, the more modern form of slots have 5 spinning reels. Video Slots also offer the opportunity to bet on multiple pay lines, giving you multiple options to win! Typically you can place a bet between 1 and 25 pay lines. You will get an opportunity to win Free Spins when a certain combination of symbols appears on the reels.

Gangsters Slot

 What are Free Spins?

Free Spins allow us to play the game for a fixed number of spins without any money. Features are a great opportunity to win some bonus money. Check the payout table on the slot machine you are playing for full details of its Bonus Feature. Slots are a fun way to gamble with a chance to win a huge jackpot if you are lucky enough!

Slot Strategy

Slots are run by something called a Random Number Generator (RNG), a programming system which makes it sure that all spins produce randomly generated results. It means that every bet you make will result in a randomly selected combination of symbols. Sometimes the spins yield winning combos, sometimes it does not.

Hit Frequency and Return to Player Rate (RTP)

Hit frequency is expressed as a percentage and will tell you how many spins are likely to yield a winning combination. This doesn’t calculate wins, but rather the average number of hits the pay out.

Return to player rate, the average of the money returned compared to what was put in. Most slots have RTPs in the range of 90-97%. Higher this percentage, higher the chances of winning big!


While you can’t influence where certain symbols will appear, you do have the power to choose games with odds that are more in favor than others. Choose a slot game that has a decent hit frequency and higher RTP. Usually, high RTPs mean lower hit frequencies and bigger wins, while high hit frequency means more wins but smaller payouts. If you enjoy small and consistent wins with modest bets then hit frequency is what you need to look out for. If you’re after those massive progressive jackpots and life changing millions they promise, a game with higher RTP would suit your betting style better.

Not only can you choose your game, but you can also select how much you want to bet for every spin. This may not seem like a big deal but how much you bet and how many bets you place can affect your ability win.

How much should I bet?

The key to winning slots is consistency and pace. Betting too high can be risky. You can loose everything too quickly, and don’t bet too low or you won’t get any worthwhile payouts.

Measure your bankroll and aim to play for at least 30 minutes or so. Calculate how much that would cost in the case that you would lose everything.

How long should I play?

You should aim for at least half an hour of game play, but no longer than an hour or two on the same machine or game.