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Slot Myths

There are many misconceptions when it comes to slot machines. That’s why confusion is spreading around especially among beginners who have just started gambling and playing slots.  So in today’s guide, we’ll debunk the myths and reveal the truth about the common misconceptions about slot machines.

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Myth #1: When a slot game or machine has been cold for a long time, it will be due to win

Remember that random number generators govern slot machines. They are programmed to yield random outcomes, meaning the chance that a machine is cold or hot and the odds of winning will always be the same. In that case, don’t ever think that feeding the machine with large sums of money will increase your chances of winning. The same applies if you feed it with small sums of money. Also, there is no point that you will continue winning if you win – as there are no losing or winning streaks in a slot game.

Myth #2:  No real money can be won in an online slot machine

This is another lie about slot machines. In fact, online slots are some of the most popular ways to win big sums of money in online casinos. Many players have already won in online slots; in fact, they are even more generous when compared to brick and mortar casinos when it comes to paying out players more often.

Myth #3: Casinos offer new slot games from time to time for a wide selection

While it is in part true, it’s not the only reason for offering new slot games and updating old ones regularly. The truth behind it is that online slot players are fickle and they always find new slot games to play when experiencing bad streaks.  Also, casinos offer more slot games to keep players excited and their revenue consistent.

Myth #4:  A near miss means you might be able to win sooner

It’s a lie!  Put it this way: Previous outcomes don’t affect the future. That’s why a near miss is only a near miss, nothing more than that. There is no way that anyone could predict the outcome of the next spins.

Myth 5: Only high rollers can win in the progressives

This myth started when earlier online casinos were ruled by big software giants, including PlayTech and Microgaming when their games had imposed conditions in which players with the largest bets would have the chance to win the biggest jackpots available.  This misconception spread around and people started thinking that only high rollers will have a stand at the largest jackpot.

This has changed and now there is the universal truth: Everyone has equal chances of winning regardless the bet.  In that case, you can play on any bet and you’ll have the same chances of hitting the jackpot as with the high rollers or any players with other bets. This rule is known in many modern slot games, and it’s the same reason you don’t have to play with max coins all the time.  In fact, you can just let pass a rule that requires you to bet max coins. Remember that the possibility of winning a jackpot is almost zero. The average gambler must therefore focus on profiting using his bankroll instead of chasing after the big jackpots at the casinos.

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Myth #6: Using bonuses when playing lessens your winning chances

This is a wrong notion, although we must say that it is interesting.  Some players believe that playing with a bonus reduces their winning chances than playing without it.  But it is not true. In fact, the machine’s RNG won’t have an inch of idea to know if you’re using a bonus or not, so how could a bonus affect your winning chances?  

Always remember that the payout rate of a machine isn’t influenced by a bonus, meaning the probability of winning is the same whether you’re using it or not.

Myth #7: Online slot games scam players and none of them wins

Here’s the thing.  Before joining an online casino, study your options well and go for reputable ones in which games on offer are from reputable software developers. That will keep you safe from the so-called rogue casinos.

By playing in trusted online casinos, you can have peace of mind that you’re dealing with a legitimate and reputable one.  If you’re doubtful about a casino to join, you can check and investigate to find out whether or not it is at the blacklist casinos as posted by online casino watchdogs. Nevertheless, you should play in a reputable casino where players have won huge slot jackpots.

Myth #8: Slot systems can beat the slots

Here’s for you: Avoid these slot systems at all cost. Slot games aren’t influenced by any math or algorithms and outcomes are 100% unpredictable. The past outcomes don’t hint on the next result. That’s why there is nothing – no tool or system to know the next result of a spin. The best thing you could do is to use a strategy instead. For example, you might want to increase your stake to qualify for the biggest jackpot – but then it won’t affect your odds of winning. The basic rule of thumb is to set a limit and play within it.

Myth #9: An online casino sets up progressive jackpots

It’s not true. The progressive jackpot is networked by and linked to a progressive network belonging to a gaming vendor. A popular example is the Mega Moolah that operates and runs on the progressive network of Microgaming, which governs it, not the casino.  

Again, the outcome isn’t predictable – and it’s determined by the RNG, and when the RNG chosen by the slot game corresponds to the winning combo of the progressive jackpot, it will pay out the winner.  Rest assured, no external factors can and will interfere with the software.

Additionally, the online casino would want the jackpot to be hit because they’re not the one to pay it and they will be famous (a good PR) for it.

The jackpot will be paid by the machine developer, but they don’t have any control as to when the winning combo for the progressive jackpot will be hit.

Progressives are popular among slot players because the amount is just crazy. Before playing the progressives, though, check on the online casino and read on the terms and conditions. Make sure that the jackpot won’t be paid in an installment basis – but in a one-time payment.

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Myth #10: New slot games can pay out more than the classic slot games

This is one of the oldest misconceptions about slot games. Some players believe that new slot games give them more chance of winning than playing in older slot machines.   Remember that the RTP and payout structure is set in stone – it is constant – from the time that the game has been developed up to how many years the game will be played at the casino. Thus, the slot game will pay out the same, regardless it is a new game or a decade-old game.

Summing Up

Take note of these myths and stop believing them!  There is no inch of truth on them, and they’re spread around to cause confusion especially for beginners.  Every slot player has equal chances of winning as other players have and there is no way to predict the next outcome, no matter the system used. Nevertheless, you can play and win big money in reputable online casinos we’ve listed here at toponlinecasino.com.ph!