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Slot Machine Symbols

Like the online casino industry in the Philippines, everyone’s favorite slots also continue to evolve. In fact, new and improved versions with advanced features emerge on the market every day. But despite the many changes over the years, one thing remains constant – the slot machine symbols we play with. Moreover, slot machine symbols have a long and interesting history – they all come from the modern slots’ predecessors.

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Little History of Slot Symbols

Back in 1859, Charles Fey created the first slot machine and called it Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell had five different symbols across its three reels. Later in 1895 in San Francisco, the One-Armed Bandit was invented. This was a slot machine with a long handle at the side, hence the name. Finally, the now classic fruit machine came to be somewhere in the 20th century in the United States. 

What all these three have in common are the symbols that we still use today in online slots. But if you want to learn more about that, this quick and simple guide is for you. By the end, you’ll know everything there is to know about slot machine symbols and their meanings.

Poker Themes & Slot Machine Symbols

Although many would consider online slots and poker totally different, their history is actually interrelated. Of course, poker and wheels of fortune date back much further than slot machines. In fact, these games were already popular in America by the 19th century. So naturally, when the first slot machine prototype emerged in the early 1890s, it borrowed some concepts from them.

The Bell

The bell is the most popular slot machine symbol. Because back in the day slots were not automatic, the bell’s original purpose was to indicate a player has won. The Bell-Fruit Gum Company introduced it first, and virtually all classic slot machines today feature it. Usually, it’s still in its classic bell design.

The Number Seven

The seven symbols are incredibly popular in the gambling world to this day. Actually, many cultures around the world believe that the number seven is a lucky number. So in gambling too, landing triple 7s on the slot reels, for instance, will earn you a large cash prize. Hence why the lucky symbol is every player’s dream.

The Horseshoe

The horseshoe symbol was a lucky icon even before the number seven. Back in the day, people believed this object had the power to save them from evil. So naturally, the horseshoe became a symbol of luck which later translated into casino games of chance. However, nowadays, this symbol is not so popular.


Some symbols you’ll definitely come across include cherries, oranges, grapes, melons, and lemons. Actually, the fruit symbols on modern slot machines also have a fun back story. In the early 1900s, the United States banned slot machines, so some slots started paying out chewing gum as a reward. Later on, slot machine producers returned with new symbols of bubble gums and colorful fruits.

Online Slot Machine Symbols

Popular Slot Machine Symbols

Virtually all real money casinos in the Philippines offer a wide range of slots to choose from. But before you start playing, you should learn about the different symbols you’ll come across.

How Many Symbols Are There?

Of course, different slots come with different themes and varying amounts of symbols. Basically, those with a higher number of winning ways or combinations have more icons. Although more winning combinations don’t mean better payouts, usually on such slots players win more frequently. But to put it simply, the number of symbols depends on the number of rows and reels on the slot game. Modern fruit machines can come with as many as twelve, fifteen, eighteen, or even more symbols.

The Classic Slot Reel Composition

Although there’s much more variety, it all started with Fay’s early slot machines. The classic version had only three reels and 20 symbols on each reel, totaling 60 symbols. Therefore, the possible combinations were more than 8000.

  • Standard symbols – Slot machine symbols are the cornerstone of the gameplay, and some of them are standard and appear in most games. These include the classic BAR icon, lucky sevens, theme symbols, and others. 
  • Bonus Symbols – Bonus symbols trigger bonus rounds in the game, as long as you land at least three of them. Of course, every slot has different ones.
  • Scatter symbols – Scatter symbols activate the bonus game feature or free spins when you land scatters on an active payline. 
  • Multiplier symbols – As the name suggests, the role of these symbols is to multiply your wins. They usually increase your payout by up to 6 times. More valuable multipliers can appear as part of the free spin feature, which is generally triggered by the scatters. 
  • Wild symbols – Wilds can replace any other symbol, except bonus and scatter symbols. There are special types of wild symbols, including Sticky Wilds, Walking Wilds, Transferring Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Stacked Wilds, and Shifting Wilds. 

Try Your Luck

Ever since their invention, slot machines have come a long way. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of fun-themed slots at online casinos in the Philippines. But one thing has remained the same – the slot machine symbols from back in the day are still in use now. So whether you opt for a classic fruit-themed game or something with a modern twist, the familiar symbols will always be there. But in order to play, you need a good gaming platform first. Check out our reviews and find your best match in an instant.


 Like other slots symbols, the three cherries produce winnings when lined up. In the early days, the three cherries won players cherry-flavored gum.

 The first slot machines had spades, diamonds, and horseshoes as symbols

The BAR symbol was inspired by a chewing gum pack. In early slot machines, players won chewing gum packs as their reward.

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