Privacy Policy respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data.
The privacy of our users matters a lot to us which is why we have provided this privacy policy to intimate you of how we handle the information you provide.

1. How we collect information

We collect information from our users when you do certain things on such as register, subscribe to our newsletter and so on. The information collected may include your contact details such as phone number, email address as well as name. It is possible, however, to use without providing these details. Supply of such details is voluntary and as such falls under the user’s prerogative whether to give it or not.

2. Cookies

Cookies are a means by which we make it easy and convenient for our users to use They are little text holding files that your browser (either on a computer, or on a smartphone) collects and stores whenever you visit a new website. The next time you then visit such website, the cookie allows that website to remember such things such as the language you prefer to communicate in, the region you are accessing the website from, your preferred display settings, your login information and several other of your preferences. This eliminates the need to re-input all this information and leads to a faster, smoother and more convenient access of the website by you. Cookies, therefore, enable you to have a better experience that is streamlined to your personal preferences.

How do we utilize cookies?

We use cookies to ease the process of logging to by our users. This is because cookies eliminate the need to re-enter their information thereby leading to faster access time. Cookies also enable us to provide the user with content they might be interested in viewing as a result of past actions and choices.

You, the user, have the right to disable cookies whenever you so wish without suffering any consequences in basic functionalities. You chose to disable cookies will, however, hinder certain other functionalities as well as lead to a reduction in how smooth your browsing experience is.

Cookies are in no way used to collect and store your personal information.

Disabling cookies

As already stated, it is under the user’s prerogative to enable the use of cookies or not. Apart from eliminating the ability of websites to collect cookies, users can also clear previously collected cookies on their browsers on their computers and their phones.

3. How we make use of collected information

The information we collect is used for the following purposes;

Provide better customer service

The information you, our users, provide us with help us serve you better when you encounter issues while making use of our services. They enable us to provide you with improved support.

Better, and services

The information we collect as well as the feedback we receive allow us to provide you with better services by enabling us to improve This will lead to a better experience for you when you use

Send emails and keep our users updated

At, we maintain a mailing list which comprises of the email of our users who supply theirs. This enables us to keep our users abreast of certain developments as well as provide them with certain information. We use this mailing list to supply our users with current news, as well as to provide them with information on related products and services. And in cases whereby a user requires assistance, the email address they supplied us with will be used to communicate with them and help provide them with solutions to whatever issue they are facing.

4. How do we ensure that your information is secure?

We put in place every step and precaution necessary to protect your personal information as outlined by law. We take necessary measures that hinder the unauthorized access and tampering with your information in any way. This helps any malicious activity from happening.

5. Distribution of your information

At, we highly value your privacy and as such do not engage in any activity that involves the distribution of your information. As such, we do not engage in the sale, trade or rental of the information you supplied us with under trust. We, however, reserve the right to share and do whatever we deem fit with generic demographic information with our those with whom we are in business. And while we may deploy external service providers in certain activities such as the conduction of surveys, we will neither share nor distribute your personal information with them unless your consent is given.

6. Changes

We at reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy as we deem fit without any prior update or notice given. We will, however, do our best to provide an update on the main page and we implore you to regularly check this page and keep yourself abreast of such developments.

7. Acceptance

By proceeding with, and using, you signify that you agree to our privacy policy and all that it signifies.