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All About Blackjack

The main objective of blackjack is to get a hand that adds up to 21 or better and closer to 21 than the dealer. That’s simple! And it is one of the reasons blackjack is a well-loved and popular game at the casinos, offline or online. Without even saying, the game involves skills in order to beat the dealer and win the game unlike slot games and other luck-based games, which involve no skill at all.

Play Blackjack at online Casino

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If you’re interested in the card game, then all you need is to do the basic math and play it!  For a better idea, here’s an overview of blackjack and things to know if you’d love to try it in online or in brick-and-mortar casinos.

How does it work?

The game is played in a traditional table on which several players are in the game and each of them is playing against the dealer. Now to win the round, you need to finish with a better hand, which must be as close to 21 or a hand that’s better than that of the dealer’s, meaning you’ll add your cards and hope it would be as close to 21, but not beyond it.  In the event your hand goes beyond this figure, you lost the game and it’s over.


Each game will start with every player having two cards facing up.  The dealer also gets two cards – one is face up, while the other is face down. When the game begins, each player will have certain choices in order to win the game.

  • Hit means you’ll draw another card.
  • Split means you can split the hand into two, and then match the bet of your initial hand and keep playing if you’re dealt with two cards that have the same value.
  • Stand means you’re keeping your two cards.
  • Insurance is an interesting blackjack term that means you can place half the original bet in a side bet if the dealer has an ace during the initial deal.
  • Doubling down simply is doubling your bet based upon the visible cards.
  • Surrender is only possible in a land-based casino and it means surrendering your bet.

You can increase your chances of winning and enjoyment of your game by learning the choices you can make.  That’s why you may want to stay tuned and check out our guides and tips and tricks articles in playing blackjack.

Online, you will find many blackjack games, which come in variants alongside a classic game.  Each of them is unique and appealing based on your preference.   We recommend and encourage you to keep playing as well as trying as many variants that you could in the real money games. Because by playing a game for a couple of times, you will be able to play with confidence and make better decisions in money version games.

Today, there are also many “Live Blackjack” casinos that offer another interesting way to play, which is in a remote place but with a real and live dealer in a land-based casino through video conferencing.  

Live dealer games are a fun and secured way of playing the game, as it also gives you the chance to communicate with other players and the dealer through the chat box available.  Playing in a live version blackjack casino, you will be able to feel the excitement that players used to get in a land-based casino!

And part of the development of casinos, many of them are now offering tablet and mobile games, which become more established as years go by.  So with your mobile device, you can play blackjack and no longer have to rush and go to the land-based venue to enjoy your games.  In that case, you don’t also have to be bound to your PC, but you can play on the road or while stuck in traffic.


Basics That Beginners Need to Know

For beginners, we’d like to explain that you should get a hand that’s as close to 21 but without going beyond this total.

You are playing against the bank as well as according to the fixed rules of the game but you are free to decide which choice to make, as explained earlier.

If you get more points than the bank, not 21, or the bank goes beyond 21, you won the game. [The German name 17 and 4 points to this kind of peculiarity in the game].

You can improve your chances in the game by playing skillfully.  For help, you may want to stick around and read our guides about online blackjack strategies and blackjack rules.

These are game concepts that apply through all the available variants, although there are special rules and a few differences. For example, if you’re looking to play a new variant, such as Surrender Blackjack or Blackjack Switch, you need to remember that each variant needs a specific set of strategies to apply to increase your chances of winning. If you’d concentrate on only classic blackjack strategies, you might be in an expensive surprise.

How It Started

Baccarat is considered the predecessor of Blackjack in Italy. The former is still popular and played now, only less popular than a blackjack game is.  There is another theory that our featured game came from French Vingt et Un, which are 20 and 1. It is a game that was introduced by French soldiers that supported the US fight for independence against the British in North America. In the US, the games was at the start 21, which rules are yet to meet those of modern blackjack games, but one can safely say that a modern blackjack game came from these two games.

Free Online Blackjack

To gain an advantage in the game,   you need experience, knowledge and skills. That’s why it pays off to learn the ropes and gain confidence in learning, understanding and using the different strategies involved in the game. So for a start, you may want to take advantage of free online games to find in many of our featured online casinos.  Using and playing the free blackjack games, you will have the chance to hone your skills and refine the basic strategy without spending a dime.

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The benefits of playing free online blackjack

Basic strategy

While there are many variants and slight differences among each game variant, many versions use the same rules in gameplay.  In that case, you need to learn the key elements of BS (basic strategy), and one includes the most effective times and situations when you might want to double down or what and when to split the pairs.

Slow pace games

Playing free blackjack games also give you the chance to play slowly, taking your time in making a decision and consolidating the game strategies to your advantage without the pressure involved in real money games.   There are also players that want to have their charts for reference as they’re playing free online blackjack games.

Bankroll management

Playing free games let you refine and improve your money management skills, or your bankroll management strategy, which is important to get the most out of your games and your money.

In free versions, you’ll be able to develop your decision-making skills as to the stake size to play with.  For instance, it is wise to remember that you may want to select a table on which minimum bet isn’t exceeding 5% of your initial bankroll.

And part of a good money management strategy is to learn how the house edge will affect your bankroll and how many hands you can play in an hour – and these are exactly what you’ll develop when you try free version games in an online casino.

There you have our quick overview of the game that you may want to know before playing blackjack, online or offline.  So as said, you must practice with demo modes to get the grips of the game and play without risking your money.  Keep it here with us for more guides in playing blackjack and discover the best places to play it in our featured casino sites today!