Poker Hand Ranking

If you want to learn playing poker, one of the basics is to study and master the poker hand rankings. The pros agree that it is the most important step in playing many variants of the game, including Texas Hold’em. The following are what you need to know about five-card poker hands, starting from the best hand, which is the Royal Flush, and to the high card hands, which contain no pair. Read and learn the following ranking list so that you will be able to make winning hands in the game.

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Poker Hand Ranking Guide

  • Royal flush is a combination of five cards of the same suit, but in sequence – Ace being high. The royal flush is the highest in ranking among poker hands.
  • Straight flush is a combination of five cards of a similar suit and in sequence.
  • Four of a kind is also referred to as quads. It is composed of four cards having a similar value, and another card, which is a random one. The higher-ranking cards will usurp the lower if there are multiple players with quads. Now if there is more than one player who has the same hand, which has the same value, the unmatched card or the random will be used to recognize who the winner is – the one with the highest card will be declared the winner.
  • Full house is a 5-card hand, which has three of a kind and a two of a kind. Now if more than one player will get a full house, the one that has the highest three cards will be declared the winner. But if identical three card hands turn up because of multiple decks used, the highest two cards will recognize the winner.
  • Flush is a poker hand, which has five cards coming from the same suit, but then in any sequential order. If there will be two flushes, the player who has the highest-ranking card used to put the full into compromise will win.
  • Straight is a combination of five cards in a sequence, which is made up of two or more different suits. Now if there are multiple players landing in a straight, then the one with the highest card in straight will win.
  • Three of a kind is simply a combination of three cards of the same rank. Then, the extra two cards aren’t the same value or rank. These hands are also referred to as a set or trips. If more than one player will get three of a kind, the player with the highest valued card will win. If there are many players with the same trips, the kickers will be used in order to bust the tie.
  • Two pair is literally two distinct pairs of similar cards of identical rank. The higher top pair will win if there is more than one player with the same hand, and then the kicker will be utilized if many players land identical hands of the same ranks. This can happen when using multiple decks of cards.
  • One pair is when you have one pair of two card s of the same rank. And then the rest of the cards in the five-card hand aren’t of the same rank. When there are multiple pairs, the highest pairs will win. But then the kicker will determine the winner if there are multiple players with the same pair.
  • High card is any five-card hand combination that has a high individual card. In this case, there is no hand created so the highest one card will be the winner.
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Additional rules

The following rules remain consistent just like poker hand, regardless of variations played.

  • Individual rank: Every card has its rank, no matter its suit – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • Split pot = equal rank: If there are multiple hands of identical rank come showdown, then the pot will be divided the same, as long as there are no kickers or that the kickers will have the same value. Remember that the kicker will have the highest individual hole card, and it is also used in deciding who will win if there is a split.
  • Suits are both valuable and valueless. The suits hold no numeric or intrinsic values in themselves even if suit of cards is one of the determining factors when playing are aiming at making a flush or a straight flush.
  • Deal order is insignificant: The hands will have a similar ranking regardless of what order that the cards are dealt.
  • The Aces can go both ways: These cards can be high or low when they make up a part of a straight flush or a straight. [Also, they are being valued for their numeric equivalent of one(1)]
  • What’s the 5-card hand? A poker hand is always made up of five cards, even if the player has more than five cards. In many cases, the best 5-card hand will be played.

Study and learn of the different types of poker hand and each of their ranking and play poker like a pro! Stay tuned with us here for more updates, guides, tips and tricks in playing online poker today!