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Most Popular Roulette Strategies

Playing roulette does not have to rely on luck only if only you can learn a few roulette strategies. While these strategies do not guarantee that you will win, they will definitely increase roulette odds at your favor and hopefully help you win more.

Because roulette has been around for decades, there have been plenty of strategies created to help players win. This article will highlight several of these strategies and discuss how anyone can use these strategies to their advantage.

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6 Most Popular Types of Roulette Strategies

Many roulette strategies have been invented over the years, but these are some of the most successful ones proved to work:

The Martingale System

Perhaps the most popular roulette strategy, the Martingale system works when a player doubles the bet each time they make a loss. This system is based on the belief that sooner or later, a player will win, hence making up previous losses.

Paroli System

It is also known as the reverse Martingale because the player doubles the bet only when they win. Start with the lowest bet amount allowed, and if you win, double the bet on the subsequent bet. When you lose, go back to the smallest bet.

The Fibonacci Roulette System

For centuries, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers has been used in mathematics. Now you can apply the same principle in roulette by placing bet corresponding to the Fibonacci numbers.

If you lose a bet, the subsequent bet amount will be the next Fibonacci number. When you win, you will make enough to cover your losses and even leave some profit for you. Following a win, the next bet should be the same amount as the first, or two numbers back.

Labouchere System

To begin playing the Labouchere system, write down a sequence of numbers. This could be any sequence of numbers, but let’s say you write down 1, 2, and 3. From this sequence, take the sum of the first and last numbers as your bet size. In this case, that would be 4$.

If your bet wins, remove the first and last numbers from your sequence, and repeat the same cycle. However, if you lose, add the previous bet amount to the sequence to make 1,2, 3 and 4.

James Bond System

You will need 20 units to place on your wager, which will be distributed as follows:

  • 14 units to an outside bet covering 19 to 36
  • 5 units to an inside bet covering 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 (the 6-line bet)
  • 1 unit to an inside bet on zero (0)

By doing this, your total bet will cover 25 numbers, meaning you will only lose if your spin lands on numbers between 1 and 12. It is possible to combine the James Bond system with the Martingale to potentially increase your wins.

D’Alembert Roulette System

A player starts with the smallest bet amount, then adds one unit when they lose and subtract one unit when they win. For instance, if a player bet 1$ and lost, the next bet would be 2$. Should the second bet (2$) win, the third bet will have one less unit, hence 1$.


Several other roulette strategies still exist, although they may not be as popular as the ones discussed above. Some of these are:

  • Neighbour bets
  • Three-To-Two
  • Anti-Martingale
  • The combo – combining the Martingale system with any outside bet
Roulette Strategies

Main Variations of Roulette Betting Systems

With so many types of roulette strategies, there is a need to categorize them broadly so that players can easily identify what they find best for them to use. The two main variations are:

Progressive Betting Systems

These are roulette strategies that involve increasing one’s bet size whenever they win and decreasing it after a loss. The main advantage of such systems is that they are usually easy to understand. Furthermore, in theory, such strategies should give the player a win eventually.

On the other hand, a player can quickly exhaust their bankroll or hit the table limit before winning if they have a losing streak. For this reason, progressive bets should only be used on outside bets such as odd/even, black/white and 1-18/19-36.

Strategies such as the Martingale, D’ Alembert, Paroli, and anti-Martingale are all progressive betting systems.

Non-Progressive Betting Systems

Rather than changing the bet size, non-progressive systems recommend keeping your bet size the same throughout the game. Doing this will keep your losses to a minimum even on a losing streak thereby maintaining your bankroll over a longer time.

The problem comes about when a player has a losing streak and cannot break even until they hit a winning streak to recover the losses because the bet size is the same. You should use these systems on European roulette where the house edge is minimized.

Strategies such as the James Bond system, Fibonacci sequence, Labouchere and neighbour bets are all non-progressive systems.

How You Can Decide on The Best Roulette Strategy for You

Before using any roulette strategy, it is important that you fully understand when how to use it. Players new to roulette should therefore stick to easy systems like the Martingale while more experienced players are free to try others like the D’Alembert.

An individual’s budget and budget are also important factors because some systems can quickly drain a person’s bankroll on a losing streak. That is why we only recommend systems like the Martingale to players with a bigger budget.

But before you settle on any single roulette strategy, we advise you to play for free. Online casinos usually offer free offers and spins, which you can use to test different strategies without risking your money. Only then should you play with real money.

How Effective Are Roulette Strategies?

Roulette strategies are meant to give players some guidance rather than leaving them to rely on luck. That being said, you should not expect to win each time you play just because you mastered a particular strategy.

The house edge on roulette games is 2.70% (European) and 5.26% for American Roulette. This means that some of the player’s edge is diminished even though they used a strategy proved to work in theory.


Now that you are aware of the most popular roulette strategies, you should try applying this knowledge on your own games at an online casino Philippines. As you understand these strategies deeper, you can also combine some of them for better results.

Although you’re not guaranteed to win every time, you will be much better than many other players. Do this long enough and you will eventually increase your own edge and win more frequently.


There is no particular strategy that beats all others. Each one has specific advantages and disadvantages that should appeal to different players.

Using roulette strategies gives a player a slight advantage, but don’t expect to beat the house.

In online casinos, each number has a probability of 2.70%. There is no single number that hits more than the rest.

Progressive systems are easier to understand for new players, while non-progressive systems are more suited to players with a bigger bankroll.

This is a betting system that involves doubling your bet when you lose so that you can make up the losses on previous bets.

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