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Types of Baccarat Games

What are the variants of a baccarat game? Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games played all over the world. And in the passing years, there are many types of it that have emerged and become popular in countries where it is played.  In many cases, the rules, however, are the same only with slight differences, including player interactions and drawing rules. In the following section, you will learn about the most popular types of baccarat, including the Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque and the Baccarat Chemin De Fer.

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Types of Baccarat Games Explained

Both the Chemin De Fer and the Baccarat Banque aren’t common in many land-based or online casinos, unlike Punto Banco that becomes very popular in many casinos, online or offline. If you choose playing online, you don’t have much to do, but just select a bet and then wait what hand wins.  Along this line, you don’t have to work everything out in an online casino because the software will be the one to do it for you, although it might be great to know what’s really happening and why you won or lost.


Punto Banco

Punto Banco stands for words “player” and “banker,” and it is a luck-based game in which the players are given a choice to bet on whatever he wants.

  • The cards will be shuffled in four, six or eight decks of a 52-card deck in many cases.
  • The banker is the casino – all the time – and it is committed to follow all the rules set.
  • Each the banker and the player get two cards at the start of the game.
  • If neither of the two gets a hand value of eight or nine, then a third card draw will be applied. The first to receive the third card is the player. Then, the rules will be applied again to know if the banker has to draw his third card or not.

Chemin De Fer

It is the French variation of the game and is played using six (6) decks of cards. In the game, the players are actively betting versus each other on the big table. The player who’s dealing the cards is the banker, while the rest of the players are the punters.

In the beginning, the banker places a wager, which is the maximum amount that he’s willing to risk per bet. The banker is required to match the bet of the punters to this amount.  Once all is set, the action begins – in a clockwise direction – in which the players are choosing how much they’re willing to bet against the banker without going beyond their limits.

The player who places the highest bet will act on behalf of the punters. After he made his bet, the banker will then deal out two hands face down – where one is for himself and the other for the representative of the player.

In the event that the natural eight (8) or nine (9) is dealt, it will be announced. The hands will be compared to determine who the winner is. But if it’s not the case, then the banker and the player has the chance to draw his or her third card.

The draw patterns in the game are almost similar, despite that the game has no specific rules in place. The reason in part to this is it is being the correct mathematical choice and the player has the other players’ money joining him or her on the choice made.

The winning hand will be determined and then paid out – but it is deducted by 5% house commission on the banker bet. The 5% commission is normal on the banker bet, so you must look for online casinos that offer not more than this amount. And if you were lucky, you’d be able to find those offering even lower commission charges.

There are slight twists to the rules. For example, the banker should be wagering the total bet that he’s willing to risk, and here, the players can bet up in order to full the bank, until everything that remains have been filled, when at their turn they declare an intention, to “go bank.”

And when the bank limit has been reached, there will be no more bets accepted. An exemption is that the observers have the chance to bet until the bank is 100% matched in the event that the banker’s bet isn’t matched by the players involved in the game.

In both variants, the shoe will be passed clockwise around the table to the next player when the banker loses it, but to the next player that’s willing to become the banker.

EZ Baccarat

This game version is a different variant versus the rest of the game variants are.    The drawing rules are quite similar with those in the Punto Banco as well as the payout of the banker is increased.   In this version, the payout is at 1:1 or even odds, instead of having a payout at odds of 19 to 20 offered in a classic game.

Now before getting too excited trying this variant, you should know something important. In this version, the player doesn’t have a chance of holding even a slight edge over the house.

Maybe you’re asking why, and this is the answer.  For example the banker holds three cards and his total point is 7, it will then be considered a “push.” It means that you’re not going to be paid, and that’s equivalent to a commission of 4.9% taken. But you can celebrate slightly because that makes the house edge a bit lower – 1.018%, which is lower than what it is in the classical variant.

In the EZ baccarat game, there are two often-overlooked side bets, which are the Dragon 7 and the Panda 8, where the first is predicting that the banker will have an  8 as hand value with three cards, and that it will win. You will win if you bet the Dragon 7 in this case. But then if the player’s sum is nine, you’ll still lose. The side bet features a 7.61% house edge and it pays out 40: 1 odds.

Another is the Panda 8 works that works and wins oppositely versus the other side bet we’ve discussed above.  This side bet features payout odds of 25:1 and a house edge of 10.17%.

Baccarat en Banque

This is another game version that you might have tried yourself. It’s fairly simple, being played with three card decks. The role of the banker is usually auctioned to the player who’s willing to take the risk in the game.   However, the drawing rules aren’t the same across casinos or clubs, although quite similar with the rules of the Chemin De Fer.

Super Pan 9

The game is commonly found in the US and it uses a limited 36-card deck. The cards used in the game are all face cards and they are A, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each the player and the banker are dealt with three cards in the beginning. Any of them has the option of having an additional card for the objective of getting as close to nine (9).

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3-Card Baccarat

This baccarat version is popular in Asia and Macau casinos.  A card deck is used in the game but the rules are quite different from a standard baccarat game.  Both the banker and the player will get three cards, with the highest possible value being three face cards and it is followed by the traditional hand rankings.

There you have the types of baccarat games played in a land-based or online casinos that you might have tried or are interested trying for yourself. Learn of the basics of each game and increase your odds of winning. Finally, you may want to practice and get the grips of a baccarat game by choosing and playing in one of our featured casinos online today!