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Roulette Odds

Just like when playing any types of casino games for that matter, you need to know your odds or chances of winning.  In the game of roulette, the odds will vary and depend on both the wheel you’re playing and the type of bet you’re making (inside or outside bets).

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But calculating for the odds is much easier than in any other games, especially if you’re using the odds chart that we’re outlining on this page. This special odds chart will give you a quick calculation of your winning odds and help you decide on which bet to make depending on the situation. The following is an overview of what to expect when you sit down at the tables or log in to your account to play roulette.

Tips and Tricks

If you are considering giving online roulette a shot, you may find it completely exciting. This game of chance does not only offer numerous types of bets but it is super easy to play. The popularity of the roulette casino game has compelled many casino gamblers to look for the best winning online roulette tips and tricks. As you might be aware, the aim of the game is to bet on the outcome of the ball after spinning the wheel. The first thing you need to stick to the roulette table you are comfortable with. Secondly, you need to play at a casino with bonuses and promotional offers. Thirdly, you must learn how to manage your bankroll before you get started. Another important thing to boost your chances of winning is frequent practice. Additionally, you must master the rules of the game to avoid repeating mistakes. Lastly, we suggest you stick to outside bets when playing at any reputable online casino

What to expect

In a standard game, you can choose from three (3) even money bets, and these are the odd or even, red or black, and high or low. So, if for instance you’re betting that the marble will land on a black or red number, or an in odd or even number. On the other hand, the high or low bets are betting whether the marble will land on 1 of the numbers 1-18 or 19-36. But then if the ball lands on a zero (0), you will lose your bet.

If you bet on an even money bet, such as a red or black, you will win if the marble will stop on any of the 18 pockets that have that color, giving you chances of winning of 18/38 or about 47.37%.  So using this example, you can say that a bet paying out even money has the odds of 47.37% – most of the time you’re gaining a bet but then 52.63% when you’re losing.

Here’s the quick calculation

.4737 – .5263 = -.0526 (or 5.26%)

But when we talk about other roulette bets, things get a little bit trickier.  So if you’re betting on a single number, it pays 35-1. In that case, you can only win if the ball lands on the number, meaning your winning odds are 2.63% or 1/38.  If you guessed the number correctly, you will win 35 units and lose one unit when you lose.

Here’s the quick calculation

(.0263 * 35) – .9737

.9211 – .9737 = -.0526 (5.26% house edge)

The house edge is the same while the payouts vary if you win on the different roulette bets.  And in roulette, you only need to place bets to win unlike in other casino games in which you need to follow a proper betting strategy to get the best possible odds.

For example, there is the double zero and 36 numbers in the American roulette wheel.  In that case, you will have to choose from 38 spaces and predict where the ball may land. So when you bet only on one number, you only have 1/38 winning chances. Betting on one number, you will have the chance to win 1 out of 38 possible spins. The following is the probability for every possible outcome in the game.

Single Number35:12.63%
Combination of two numbers17:15.26%
Combination of three numbers11:17.89%
Combination of four numbers8:110.53%
Combination of six numbers5:115.79%
Combination of 1-2-3-0-006:113.16%

The above are the odds in the American roulette. In the European roulette table, there is no double zero to deal with, so it is more advantageous to play for you.

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European Roulette Probabilities

Again, there is no double zero in the European roulette table, providing you with a better chance of winning in every bet. So for every dollar bet on the table, you could look forward to winning 97.37 centavo on every dollar bet. That is $1 minus the 2.63% house edge, which is equals to 2.63 cents. Opposite to the American roulette in which you can only expect getting back 94.74 cents for every dollar bet.

Single Number35:12.7%
Combination of two numbers17:15.4%
Combination of three numbers11:18.1%
Combination of four numbers8:110.8%
Combination of six numbers5:116.2%

What bets to avoid?  The single number bets as well as the 5-number bet, which is only found on double zero roulette wheel, because they have the biggest disparity between actual payouts and true odds.

As an advice, you must stick with the bets which odds are almost the same with the payouts if you plan of playing online roulette.   These are the even money bets, which include betting on the odd, even, low or 1-18, or high or 19-36, black or red. Any of these are wagers that can payout 1 to 1.

Learn how to calculate your odds, play smarter and increase your chances of winning in every spin. Hope the guide and chart above will help you beat roulette. Finally, you may want to print out the roulette odds chart for a handy reference when playing and trying your luck on the roulette wheel today!