Roulette Online

Online roulette appeals to players from all skill levels and playing preferences. And through the years, it has been one of the most consistently loved games in offline and online casinos.  One of the reasons that it becomes a well-loved game is due to its simple rules, it offers an exciting action and it provides multiple betting opportunities.

Spin online Roulette

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Additionally, it is easy to learn and master, which is why it is faster to feel and get into the action instantly. The betting system also guarantees that there are many ways to have fun and feel the thrill to keep you entertained.

What to know about roulette casino games

The game favors the house just as how the other casino games do. But one thing that makes it appealing when it comes to house edge is that gamblers can somehow lower it.

For one, you might want to take note of the double zero pocket in the American roulette, and there is a one zero pocket in the French version. The additional pocket involved in the American version makes a significant difference regarding odds calculation. But because the American variant is increasing in popularity, the odds will be calculated based on its gameplay style.

So without even saying, there is much versatility in the game versus other games at the casinos.  In fact, you can also select from a wide range of bets, including betting by the color, number or range.

The roulette table, if you could notice, has numbers from 1-36 and every pocket is in red or black in an alternating combination.

Players can choose from outside or inside bets. The latter bets are riskier than the former bets are. You can also bet only on one number. A simple math would tell you that landing this single number has the probability or odds of 1/38 due to the 36 numbers and the 2 “00” pockets.

But then, you can get creative and choose betting on the black or red pockets or odds or evens. Players can also select a bet on a number range, such as 25-36. The odds of winning in these bets are favorable for the gambler, but the odds are decreasing, too.


In general, the odds of the game give the house an edge over you.  The extra zero pockets and the smaller payouts than the game odds are favoring the house slightly. But while it is a slight edge, it can still lead to profits for the house.


But through the years, the experts have devised game systems or strategies, the Fibonacci sequence and the Martingale strategy being the most used. Additionally, even engineers have studied the game dynamics and the potential landing area for the roulette’s marble. So at the very least, the potential expected value of betting only on one number in the game is estimated at -$0.053, meaning that the casino has an advantage of 5.3% per spin.

Roulette Games Online

If you’re interested in online or offline roulette, there are three main variants available, and they are the French, American and European roulette.   The manner that the tables and wheels are laid out changes the winning odds in every version even if the game is played in the same way.

European Roulette

This game version has 37 pockets, with numbers 1-36 and a single zero. The 0 is at the top and is closest to the wheel, while 1-36 are arranged in order. They are laid out in the table. Red or black is the color of each number on the table, but the colors are not alternately laid out.

How to play

You can bet on the individual numbers, red or black numbers, or odds or evens, or other combinations. However, the bet type is reflected in the bet type and the amount that you will receive on a winning spin.

For example, betting on a red is even money bet, and betting on one number will pay 35-1. Zero (0) determines the house edge, which is the percentage by which the casino is in front of any bet that is 2.7%.   Many of the European games use the La Partage Rule. The rule states that if “0” is spun, the players who’ve bet on the outside bets, such as red or black, or odds or evens, will get half of the bet returned to them.

American Roulette

This roulette version gets even more exciting than other versions are because of its 38 pockets – with its 00 at the table’s top, which is sitting next to “0.”  The table is laid out just like the European roulette table and the numbers are from 1 to 36 as well. Additionally, wagering is just like the European game version, but the additional 00 adds to the house edge, which now becomes 5.26%.   But still, the payouts are the same.

French Roulette

This roulette game has numbers 1-36 and a 0 and it has 37 pockets. Its game table is laid out like the European roulette but the numbers are of the same color. There are also some additional rules that will help you increase your odds of winning.  In the game, the player has the chance to recover his or her stake on a spin of 0 in the en prison rule. The French roulette game also has the betting variation called the finales in which the wagers can be on all numbers that end in the same digit, such as 6, 16, or 26.


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