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Blackjack Rules

There is no doubt that  blackjack is the most popular among all online casino games, and players from all skill levels are trying and playing this game, which is also known as “21.” This game is an exciting one to learn and master, even for beginners. But before engaging in a real money round, for example, we’d like to recommend that you learn the basic rules, which are explained in the following sections. After all, you can emerge as the winner at the tables by the rules while applying the basic strategies of play.

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The Basics

The game is always played versus the dealer, even if there are multiple players with you at the table. So at the very least, each player is playing against the dealer. But aside from the basic blackjack or 21 variants, you can play other versions available, such as the 5-hand blackjack, the crazy blackjack and the blackjack switch a.  Every variant has rules, but the differences among them are limited.


Pick the right table! That’s the first thing to know and take note of, as the table will affect how much stake to make at a minimum. Remember that every table has its limits, although the rules of the game are pretty much the same thing. At the very least, you must find and choose a table that fits your needs (and situation) the best.

That’s why you might have to pick a $25 table if you’re a high roller, meaning the minimum bet needed is $25 while max is $500, let’s say. Worry not though, as there are also table games that let you put smaller stakes, something appropriate if you have a relatively smaller bankroll to start with your play.  So along these lines, you should look for table limits and play on one that meets your needs.

Upon entering a game room, you should place your bet by betting your desired amount of chips. Finally, there are online casinos letting you play on multiplayer tables. Just upon placing your bet at the table, you will receive two cards from the dealer, while he gets two cards to play for himself.   One of his cards will be facing up and the other facing down.

To determine the score in your hand, you will be able to see the total of your two cards, and from that, you need to make a decision, as we’ve outlined below, all according to the total of your hand – which should be as close to 21, not beyond it.

And as stated earlier, a blackjack is a skill-based game, in which you’re always making a decision, and some of these to choose from include the following:


It is one of the decisions to make at the tables and is chosen by most players who are happy with their cards. And by selecting this decision, the player is indicating that he doesn’t need any more cards and that he’ll take the risk that his cards are of better value than that of the dealer’s and that he’s confident his score is closer to 21 than the dealer’s.


As mentioned earlier, it is another decision to make at the tables. And by hitting means that you’re requesting for another card to be dealt if you’re feeling your cards aren’t enough to beat the dealer’s cards. However, take note that this choice has a risk factor coming along with it – like your cards totaling to more than 21 – going bust – if your cards’ value is very high.

Double down

It’s a choice for players who are confident in their hand. They feel that they’re ahead of the game and that they’re going to win the round. By doubling down, you’re doubling your bet, and in return, you will only be allowed dealing with one more card in the particular round.


Players may split their cards and make two new hands when they’re dealt with two cards having the same denominations. A bet that is similar to the original bet placed, and then a dual hand is played out.  However, take note that not all game variants allow card splitting, while other games allow it under certain conditions.  For example, you will only be allowed to split your hand once in the classic game version.


In the event the situation doesn’t favor you and you have a weak hand, you can surrender your cards at a certain point.  It works oppositely as the double down if you have a strong hand. The problem is that half of your bet will be forfeited for leaving the game and that surrendering isn’t allowed across casinos online or offline.

Every blackjack player will be asked to decide if he or she wants further cards, or draw in order to improve chances or to “stand” or stay with their total score.  When it comes to limit to the number of further draw cards, there is no limit as long as your score isn’t exceeding 21.