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Free Spins in Online Casinos

Stiff competition among online casinos has made it necessary for each platform to actively seek out new clients. One of the most effective strategies has been to issue offers in the form of casino bonuses, play credits, and free spins.

We are going to discuss what you need to know about free spins so that you know all you need to.

What Are Free Spins at An Online Casino?

A free spin is a chance to play slot games at a casino without having to put any of your money into the machine. This is unheard of in land-based casinos, but it’s very common in online platforms.

Slot games are very popular online, just as they are in all casinos, because you don’t need to learn any rules. Plus, winnings at slots can be huge. By getting free spins, you stand a chance at winning big without having to wager any of your own money.

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Types of Free Spins Bonuses You Can Expect to Receive

Although the goal of all free spins is the same, to give you extra chances to win for free, they come in different forms. These are some you can expect to find at a casino:

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Immediately after signing up and receiving a player account at a casino, the company may give you free spins immediately, so-called No Deposit bonus. These are received even before you make any cash deposit and are meant to welcome new players. The appeal of such spin offers is clearly to get you excited about the games available. In case you’re lucky and win using this bonus, you will probably keep your winnings. However, you should read the Terms and Conditions to find out how to withdraw your winnings.

Deposit Bonus

On your first deposit of real money, you will usually get another bonus. Typically, the best casinos offer a 100% bonus on the amount deposited and some free spins to boot.

As a welcome bonus, the number of free spins you get here will be quite large. It can then be used to play many games on the platform. But there will also be some wagering requirements before you can cash out on your winnings.

Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins

Most casinos will continue to give free spins and other offers even on subsequent cash deposits. They will not be as many as the welcome bonus spins, but it is still great to receive them.

Keep in mind, there will be a limit to these spin offers, so don’t expect to keep getting free spins in perpetuity. In most cases, you will get spin offers up to the 5th cash deposit.

Free Spins Promotions

After exhausting all the above spin offers, a good casino will keep giving you more promotional spins. For instance, there may be a free spin promotion for all deposits made over the weekend. Or the spin offers could be specific to one slot game. Because these are not always available, it’s a good surprise to receive from the casino every once in a while.

Free Spins Prizes

Casinos like to reward their clients, and they can do so through spin offers. Some of the ways you might get a prize include:

  • Playing a certain number of slot games
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Completing set challenges
  • Become a VIP customer

Free Spins Codes

Online companies use affiliates to market themselves. These affiliates then issue spin codes that can be used on the casino. You get some extra spins and the casino can identify which affiliate led you to the platform.

It’s easy to get such codes on online gaming websites and elsewhere on the internet. These should also give you more chances at the slots to win.

Free Spins

Are Free Spins Really Free?

Free spins unfortunately aren’t completely free. While the actual spinning at a slot machine will be free, there will be conditions on anything you win. A casino uses spin offers to attract new players, but they would like to keep those players, hence the wagering requirements.

Each platform will have different requirements, but they should be found on the website’s footer or on the Terms and Conditions page. These requirements could demand a number of actions before withdrawing winnings such as:

  • That the player plays a certain minimum number of games on the platform
  • To make a given minimum cash deposit to their account
  • To keep playing for a specified period

What can you win?

You will then be required to fulfil the casino’s wagering requirements in order to redeem those points. These requirements will vary, but they usually involve making a real cash deposit and playing multiple games.

free spins bonus

Using Free Spins vs. Real Money

With free spins, you can make bonus money and points, but it takes a lot more effort to turn this into actual cash. In most cases, the conditions placed on such bonuses make it very difficult to earn any actual cash.

With real money, the earnings are also in cash and not just points earned from extra spins. One man placed a 25-cent bet in 2013 and wound up winning about $24 million. That could not have happened if he were using free spins, proving the potential of real money betting.

Most of all, playing with real money is much more fun. The joy of playing slots comes when you realize every bet you make could earn you the jackpot. That feeling is not present when you use those spins because you have nothing on the line.

After you have received a free spin offer and used it, your winnings are not directly deposited to your account as cash. Instead, they will either be showed as bonus cash or bonus points.

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Slots have been popular and will remain to be so as long as there is the potential of big wins. Online casinos make this even more likely for you with their offers of free spins, and these should be made full advantage of. We hope you now know what to expect and how you can use these spins the next time you visit an online casino Philippines.


It would depend on the casino’s ‘Terms and Conditions’. Each casino will have different requirements before you can withdraw any of your winnings from making free spins.

Playing slots with real money is a lot more fun, and you have the probability of winning real money with no strings attached.

Yes. The first free spin bonus you get is contingent on signing up for an account and successfully verifying it.

Usually, there is a maximum number of total spins and each spin has a pre-determined wager amount.