Fire and Steel Slot Game

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Fire and Steel Slot Game Features

Fire and Steel Slot Game Information

  • Game Type: Slot Machine


Fire and steel is a wonderful video slotting game which consists 20 pay lines accompanied with 5 reels. The basic theme of this game category is that it is based on imaginative game plans that have main focus on battle among good and evil battle. The game has few similarities and some scenic touch of an everlasting TV show Game of Thrones. The design is quiet magnificent which is displayed in a diamond shape layout. The arrangement is such a form that it depicts the clear visualization of a battle scene with two warriors on either side of the reels. The remarkable points of the game are the unbreakable bonus offers and the incredible 3D interface that it provides for its players. The bonus and free spins add on to big positives of the game and this is the reason this game has a large fan following and is played in huge number.

Basic strategy of the game:

the game is very simple and straight forward and has no fixed strategies or rules all the player has to do is place the bet at a right number then wait for the spin and then finally wait for the shield maiden and get a chance to win bonus free spins. To make it much clear, go through the following points and get an idea about the game:

  • The player needs to choose the side for battle but before making the choice of the side the player needs to first set its betting value. This range is set by clicking on the “choice coin” and the size ranges from 0.02 to 1.
  • There is certain number of coins on which the player wishes to place the bet. This number is set by using the “Bet per Line” option.
  • The wheel is then set into motion by clicking on the “spin” button
  • The option of maximum bet is provided by “max bet” and the wheels are auto rotated by one click of auto play.


The symbols are represented according to their values and the high valued symbols in this game are golden crown, purple and yellow crests jeweled cup, helmet and a dagger. The five colored gems in five different colors that are green, blue, red, orange and yellow signify the low ranked values.

Bonus points

  • Wilds:

Swordsman and the shield maiden are used as the two wild symbols. A vertical beam is released by the swordsman that may be coming from above or below him and the symbols that follows in the path of this game turn wild. On the other hand the shield maiden throws a horizontal beam that turns symbols to her left and right directions into wild and this one is considered a better option for acquiring best payouts.

  • War of the wild free spins:

There is a golden chance for the players when the rays of swordsman and shield maiden intersect. This will unlock the 10 free spins from the free spin option of the game. The intersecting point of the two rays is kept at hold for the time period of free spins to come into action. For a lucky one if in case again the rays intersect then another set of 10 free spins is available for the player which in total lead to 20 free spins.

Controllers of the game:

At the left of the display there are the buttons both to control the sound and open the user’s settings. It also helps to set the

Sound effects visual animations and the speed of the game. There is no need to download the game and then play as the game is directly available on the browser and the mobile users can also play this game on their respective smart phones.


  • Fire and steel is one of the very exciting games and one can score a good wins as there are number of spinning options. Few players have a cash issue so in this case there is no such issue as a player with a small amount can also give a start and gain big winnings.


  • At the start the game may not look so exciting and it needs time for the player to learn in deep about the offers of the game and once the player gets through it, it become quiet easy for the player and the player starts loving the game.


  • The features named as wild are not wild in actual instead they are very interesting and add attractive feature to the game. The game is so much as assuming that no player can afford it to play just once. It is a very exciting game and if played once will be played again and again for sure.


  • The slot machine has 3d graphical effects that attract many players and adds on to the popularity of the game


  • The game is based on a storyline theme and thus the player plays it with keen inertest as to know what the next stage would be. The shield maiden and the swordsman play a crucial role in the game as already mentioned above.

So it would be a great for the gambling lovers to go for this game once and try out their luck in this game too. The beautiful graphics and the attractive bonus offers of the game will sure enlighten you and urge you to play this game again and again. its not at all boring and will give you great pleasure and amusement with satisfactory winnings.

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